Bruce Brunk
Realtor, SFR, Bold Gradulate, ALC, BA, MA
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Mr. and Mrs. Goyette

We really appreciated the way you got back to us and continued to follow up with us throughout our real estate purchase. We could have not made it without your help and encouragement.

Mr. and Mrs. Watley

Bruce, you delivered what you promised, was accesible when I needed you, you listened to my Real Estate needs, by all means I would not hesitate to recommend you because of your #10 quality service.

"Thanks for your help. You made the process enjoyable!"

Mr. and Mrs. Rice

Bruce, on a scale from 1-10 you are definitely a #10!!!! You delivered your promise, were available, you listened and found us the right house, your quality of service is wonderful!

"You are our kind of realtor. If you just keep doing the same-you will be even more succesful. Thanks again."

Ms. Talsma

Bruce, the quality of your service is excellent. If I were in charge of your business I would not change a thing. You went out of your way!

On a scale from 1-10 in delivering what you promise, easy access, listening and service you are definitely a 10!

"Keep doing what you are doing."

Mr. and Mrs. Traester

"Bruce, during our lifetime we have dealt with many realtors. You were the most professional and helpful of them all! We would gladly recommend you to anyone. Thanks for your helpful, courteous and responsive service!"

On a scale from 1 to 10  your a 10.

Mr. and Mrs. Samargya

You rate "10" in all areas! "You were attentive and responded to my requests" Thanks!

Mr. Jessup

Awesome job! I am happy!

Mr. and Mrs. Franz

Superb job. You have a "10" in all areas. There is not one thing you should do to change, if it is not broke don't fix it. Your service is excellent. We are very happy.

David and Deb Barlow

Thank you so much! You came through for us 100%. When I called and left a message you always returned my call and to my surprise in less than 30 minutes! You and your team have excellent listening skills. I will recommend you to all my friends because your team is first class at Keller Williams. We came to you with needs that some would classify as impossible but you came to us with a positive open friend that listened and produced results!

Deb Scott

I have appreciated the work and understanding of what a move/relocation can entail/mean to your clients. It's more that just buying and selling and you understand that. Thank You.

Harry and Marilyn Eagleton

You are a "10" in all categories! Keep up the good work.

Jamie and Gina Stringfellow

You always were prompt at returning calls, met all our needs and we were satisfied. You site is the best around for friendly searching! Thanks! There is no way to top your best.

R & J Montrose

"Bruce, You delivered a 10 in following through with what you promised, being accessible when I needed you and  listening to my needs. In a market as difficult as this one it only took you 8 days to sell my house, I know you are doing it right! You do a wonderful job at serving your clients. You are personable, knowledgeable, tactful and a listener!"

Mr. and Mrs. Younglas

Dear Bruce, you delivered way beyond! If I had a questions or concern your some one from your team would always call me back asap. Don't change a thing, you're doing it right! You sold my house in less than 7 weeks!

J & C Myers

You delievered 10 in all areas. Thanks for all you did, my gift. You are all a joy to work with!

D & M Bland

You did a great job, were thorough and knowledgeable, you always returned my calls, were a wonderful listener and never tried to push your views. I will definitely refer you to my friends. Do you offer neck massages too??? That would top it off! ha-ha

D & L Carano

"10"! Thank you for helping the transaction go smoothly!

A & T Cairone

Awesome job! I am so happy! One thing you could add to make service above a 10 is table dancers! hee-hee

J Evers

You did a great job! I will definitely recommend you and your company to my friends.

B & J Greene

Bruce, we totally enjoyed our experience with you. You have excellent service.

Pat Knoll

Every question was answered in a timely manner and could not be more pleased!

Kathleen Dasani

Your service was great. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Judy and Dave Nehls

Bruce, if we were in charge of your business we would definitely give you a raise!
Everything you did was great. You were very cooperative.
Thanks for blessing our new home!

Mr. and Mrs. McGlone

Top of the scale ratings! Wouldn't change anything, Wouldn't add anything. Great service.


 Zillow: Bruce is a very pleasant and responsive to work with. I would highly recommend Bruce. He is very professional and friendly. I have not meet a better real estate professional than Bruce.


 Zillow: Bruce and Michelle took all of his knowledge to make the transaction the best possible one for us. I would recommend them to anyone. They had the professionalism to provide you what you need to create the best transaction outcomes.